My ClinicalTrial ID

Transforms the way sites and patients are identified, trials are enrolled and patients are engaged.

CSSi’s MyClinicalTrial ID is unique in that it can be used during both site identification and patient recruitment:

  • ID Sites for Studies - Allows sponsors to assess validated patient counts, making qualified sites stand out during the feasibility process.
  • ID Patients to Recruit - Rapidly identifies eligible patients utilizing de-identified, real-time medical data compared against a protocol's I/E criteria. When paired with our Local Enrollment Specialist solution, this platform makes it easy and efficient for busy sites to accurately identify and recruit eligible patients.

This revolutionary patient recruitment technology offers many features and benefits:

  • Decreases money wasted on selecting unqualified sites
  • Ensures sites have protocol-specific patients
  • Maximizes patient enrollment

My ClinicalTrial ID was developed to lessen the impact of ineffective site selection on a study’s timeline and budget.


Download MyClinicalTrial ID PDF


Pre-Screening Solution

CSSi developed a powerful reporting and tracking portal to keep our clients informed of all activities and results. Providing transparency down to the site level and metrics on tactics gives our clients the information they need to make informed decisions each week.

CSSi Pre-Screen is a proprietary automated phone screening system that:

  • Utilizes a unique toll-free number dedicated to each study
  • Fields and acts on every call for a given study or research site
  • Customized to handle multiple sites within a study
  • Receives calls, takes caller through an initial screening
  • Transfers callers directly to the site for further screening and scheduling
  • Handles and reacts to calls differently, depending on each site’s specific needs

Our online patient screening solution:

  • Is incorporated into our branded study websites or as a standalone patient recruitment tool
  • Is designed to prescreen potential participants by taking them through a series of multiple choice questions based upon the protocol’s I/E criteria
  • Allows each potential participant who meets the study’s particular minimum requirements to complete a patient profile form which will be emailed or faxed to the research site

CSSi Pre-Screen offers our clients many benefits, including:

  • Quantifiable recruitment results
  • Time Savings - Time is saved through the use of CSSi Pre-Screen technology, eliminating those respondents who are uninterested or not qualified
  • Efficiencies - The system is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, answering 100% of all calls
  • Recruitment Metrics and Reporting - In patient recruitment, the ability to quantify your recruitment decisions is powerful. CSSi will capture and provide metrics to the site for each study, allowing for immediate analysis and also for use in future recruitment decisions. Reports are provided on a weekly basis or based on client’s requirements

By phone or online, CSSi’s screening solutions provide real-time metrics, time savings and customized reporting. It delivers greater efficiencies, informed decision-making and the ability for study coordinators to do what they do best: enroll subjects into your study.

Project Management and Reporting is an all-inclusive hub for sponsors/CROs, sites and patients to leverage real-time data to make informed decisions and expedite clinical trial completion. This effective tool is used to manage, track and report:

  • Study-specific recruitment and retention plans
  • Study-specific creative concepts and messaging
  • Global outreach plans, including all media (TV, digital, radio, print)
  • Reporting across all sponsors' recruitment and retention programs
  • Patient-facing, study-specific websites with CSSi Pre-Screen
  • Study-specific recruitment tracker
  • Patient repository/triage of individuals who are interested in sponsor studies but have DQ or Inclusion/Exclusion criteria that may change over time

Website Development and Maintenance

CSSi develops websites for our clients as a standalone service, as well as part of full service programs. We create our websites to match the study’s branding and provide potential study subjects with information for them to consider completing our web pre-screener or inquire to the nearest site for more study information. In order to increase the visibility of the site, CSSi utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques throughout the design process.


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