Research Sites


Clinical Site Services has supported site recruitment needs for fourteen years. We understand that each site has their unique challenges and needs. We support sites that don’t have the resources, time or expertise to win more studies and recruit more patients.



Finding More Studies

Sponsors and CROs know our history of working with great sites. Often, they will come to us to find sites for an upcoming study. CSSi has a reputation for finding the best sites and shortening the engagement process.

With our traditional site profile and feasibility questionnaire, you can register with us and we will get information about your site, staff and experience. We have the ability to provide site selection teams with your CVs and unique qualifications.

(Sample Questionnaire topics)

  • Geographic Information
  • Number of PIs and specialties
  • Number of Study Coordinators
  • Facility Information
  • Regulatory – Status of 483s or warning letters
  • Specialized Equipment to handle study procedures
  • Number of Studies per Year (by therapeutic type)
  • IRB Type – Central or Local
  • Pharmacy – Drug storage conditions

Additionally, sponsors are looking for better qualified sites while sites want to select studies that will be successful. CSSi can either go on site to help the site search the database or utilize CSSi's MyClinicalTrial ID EMR tool to search for patients. The search tool rapidly and efficiently identifies the most eligible patients by querying against their database, presenting only those patients who meet the protocol's entry criteria. The data that CSSi references and uses is de-identified in order to comply with health record regulations. The site is then notified which patient numbers are qualified patients for the study. When paired with our Local Enrollment Specialist solution, this platform makes it easy for busy sites to accurately identify and recruit eligible patients.


Traditional Advertising

Many sites that we work with don’t have a media buying expert. The advertising role typically falls on a study coordinator who doesn’t have the time or experience to effectively place advertising. We can help. Our Media Team has experience running thousands of media campaigns, in hundreds of conditions all over the country. Our stellar team will work with your study budget to:

  • Find the most effective media vehicle
  • Negotiate the best prices
  • Manage payments
  • Coordinate with the station sales reps

We want you to spend more time with patients and less time with media headaches.

Full Suite of Media Options

All too often, patient recruitment vendors apply a "one-size-fits-all" approach to media planning and buying for a given study. We are able to place television, radio, newspaper, direct mail, billboards, and more. Having more options to place advertising will increase your likelihood for success.


CSSi's media team takes a strategic approach to ensure that your patient recruitment messages are seen by the audience you are seeking. The quantitative and qualitative research we invest in prior to initiating a campaign is critical; it helps define the right audience and the best programming or vehicles to elicit a response that will lead to patient screenings. Our historical metrics also help drive us to make the strongest recommendations from day one of a launch.


How do you know if you are getting a good price for your media plan? Quantity doesn't always mean quality. Our media buyers will examine and question every rating point, demographic audience and price to ensure you are getting the most for your money.


CSSi's media team's efforts do not end with the launch of a campaign. Political campaigns, weather events and news incidents have the potential to derail media placements. We go to great lengths to track the performance of what we create and build on achieved successes.


Online Recruitment

With all the different options, online advertising can be overwhelming! CSSi can simplify and manage this process for you. Our team is certified to place advertising on the top search engines and social media platforms. We will provide you with recommendations to recruit the most patients with your budget. We have multiple options to choose from.


Online Pay-Per-Click   — CSSi’s digital media team will identify the best pay-per-click campaign for each site based on the geographic location of the site, population density of the site’s area, and historic results CSSi and the site has. Each week the media manager will review the metrics of each campaign looking for ways to optimize the key words to lower the costs and increase the click through results.

Google AdWords Advertising on Google and other search engines is an effective method for ads to appear beside relevant content. Our Google-certified media team ensures the CSSi-customized ads are triggered when users search by keywords or phrases related to their health condition and will continue to optimize the search words and revising the costs per click to ensure the best possible visibility and click response. Campaigns are geo-targeted around the research sites, minimizing media waste.

FacebookFacebook is a social networking website whose mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. This social media platform differs from other Internet-based advertising because of the amount of information available to its users. We geo-target the demographic population within 10-20 miles from your site.


Referral Networks   — CSSi has multiple strategic partners that work on a pay per referral contract. These referrals are generated through online databases as well as EMR and pharmacy data. You will only pay for each referral you receive. These referrals are people that live close to you, are diagnosed or meet some study criteria, and are interested in participation in a clinical trial.


Creative Design

Designing recruitment materials is both an art and a science. Poor creatives can make or break your recruitment campaign. CSSi has a full-service graphic design department that focuses only on patient recruitment & retention campaigns. We can design and produce effective recruitment tools to increase your engagement and response rates at a low cost. Many sites use us for:

  • Website Design
  • Television and Radio production
  • Patient facing educational print materials
  • Direct Mail campaigns

Enrollment Tools Development

CSSi designs and produces effective study materials which educate people about research and raise awareness about the study. These tools provide information so that patients can make educated decisions about clinical trial participation:

  • How do the demographics and psychographics affect the message?
  • What is the potential subject's current attitudes and perceptions about participating in the clinical trial or clinical trials in general?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What will the potential study subjects gain by participating in this trial?
  • What tone should be utilized in communicating the information about the study?

We can design effective recruitment and educational study materials:

  • Flyer
  • Brochures
  • Banner/Easel
  • Doctor-to-Patient Letter
CSSi Recrutment PAKs


Need a Website?

Your website is where you are going to make a first impression on a sponsor, CRO, or potential study subject. You need to design an effective brand that provides your visitors information about you and your site. A well-researched and developed brand is the first step to setting the tone for any clinical research site. CSSi develops powerful brands to convey positive, meaningful messages to potential study participants and site selection teams. Having a well thought out and effective website will win you more studies and recruit more patients.

Prescreening Support

Phone and Online Pre-Screening Solutions

Screener Funnel image

If you are not able to handle the calls from your advertising campaigns, you are wasting thousands of recruitment dollars and potential enrollment revenue.

CSSi's pre-screening technology is a proprietary solution that provides maximum recruitment potential and metrics to make informed decisions about your recruitment tactics.

This tool offers two types of solutions via web or phone that sources calls from multiple recruitment tactics for effective planning, can be customized to handle multiple sites within a study, and captures potential participants' information which pre-screens based on specific protocol I/E criteria.

Our phone pre-screening feature includes:

  • A unique toll-free number dedicated to your site
  • Designed to field and act on 100% of every call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Options to transfers callers directly to you after initial prescreening or hold for follow up. All profiles of callers are saved in your site’s portal.

Our online pre-screening feature includes:

  • Incorporation into branded study or site website or may be used as stand-alone tool
  • Multiple protocol accommodation
  • HIPAA compliant and secure

Website Development and Maintenance

CSSi can develop websites for sites as a standalone service. Our websites are created to match the sites branding and provide potential study subjects with the information needed to make informed decisions. In order to increase the visibility of the site, CSSi utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques throughout the design process.

CSSi Client Portal

CSSi developed an exclusive clinical trial data management tool to keep sites informed of all recruitment activities and results. Our portal saves sites time and provides custom-ized reporting and real-time metrics, giving sites the information they need to make informed, strategic decisions through-out the study. It enables historical analysis for strategic planning of future campaigns.

Research sites can access their study referrals to establish patient communication and provide updates on the outcome. Our client portal allows study coordinators to save time by focusing on highly potential participants and can concentrate on screening patients.