Corporate Structure

Clinical Consulting Services, LLC. A parent company with three diverse divisions and a unique approach to getting needed drugs to patients faster.

The three divisions:

CSSi Life Sciences

CSSi LifeSciences is a trusted partner from discovery to commercialization for developing drugs and devices. Faster, more informed decision-making ensures a successful and expeditious pathway to commercial success.

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CSSi Enroll - Patient Recruitment

CSSi provides global patient recruitment and retention planning by addressing the key factors in a successful enrollment campaign: the right strategy for the protocol and the right tools to complete enrollment on time and on budget.

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Nexus Informatics

Nexus Informatics provides innovative technology for manufacturers, specialty pharmacies and hub providers. Its centralized approach and comprehensive set of services as well as its deep expertise in patient support continues to challenge the traditional patient access hub model. In their model, all patient support services and programs converge and clients have a vision into patient touchpoints throughout the patient pathway.

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